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A raucous call to action

Like cheering on your favourite footy team, Sulphur Crested Cockatoos have a loud raucous call, designed to travel great distances through the forested environment. They’re

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The Case for Grass

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You may have liked, commented, shared our Social Media posts, or even signed up on this website to stay in touch. But if you haven’t

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Natural turf areas support a rich level of soil biodiversity, with soil invertebrates able to gain nutrients and water from the fertile topsoil. Download and

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Ask the scientist

>>Why BCO has failed

Dr Battam, Soil Scientist, identifies four key issues that have led to the poor performance of Bob Campbell Oval, all of which can be rectified.

>>Why new generation natural turf can work at BCO

Dr Battam, Soil Scientist, explains why natural turf can carry high loads at BCO, but it requires a totally different approach – amended soil, new turf types, different maintenance regimes. Links to a case study.

The resilience of natural grass

>>Mosman Football Club – Making natural turf work

Richard Pike, President of Mosman Football Club, talks about the results of choosing new natural turf instead of synthetic.

>>Middle Head Oval: case study

Carolyn Corrigan, the Mayor of Mosman, talks about the decision to choose new generation natural turf for Middle Head Oval, instead of synthetic.

About Bob Campbell Oval

Bob Campbell Oval, or Gore Creek Reserve, is a little slice of heaven on Sydney Harbour. It sits at the bottom of a creek that winds up through Lane Cove and is one of the last remaining natural creeks on the harbour.

Gore Creek reserve was established around the time of the formation of the Greenwich Sports Club in 1936. The site was named as a heritage site within the Lane Cove Council’s Local Environment Plan Lane Cove Council due to its immense heritage and ecological value. This greenspace is an important social hub for the community, hosting a large oval, a playground, picnic facilities, outdoor fitness equipment, toilets, BBQ facilities and waterfront access.

Today Bob Campbell Oval is home to sporting clubs, dogs and their walkers, community groups and gatherings, locally organised sporting fixtures and large community events such as the Greenwich Village Games (

A plastic sports pitch dedicated to one or two sports would change the context of this wonderful green space and potentially see some of these lost to the community.

Natural Grass @ BCO acknowledges the traditional owners of the lands where we live and we pay our respects to all the First Nations Elders past, present and emerging.