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BCOIR December 3, 2021

Next time you’re down at the Oval, listen out for the sound of the Common Froglet chatting away, trying to attract a mate. They sound a bit like crickets, except at a lower pitch. Unlike many frogs

BCOIR December 3, 2021

Leonie says, "I am here most days running and am on a first name basis with every blade of grass! This is a wonderful space for all kinds of activities - organised or otherwise. Please retain the

BCOIR December 3, 2021

You'll be lucky to catch a glimpse of the Eastern Water Dragon who is more often heard than seen. Often the only clue to their presence is a splash as they drop into water from an overhanging

BCOIR December 2, 2021

The risk of saying goodbye to less than $1 million helped sway a Sydney council to allow a synthetic sports field on a flood basin close to an endangered forest and national park, writes Angus Thompson in