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BCOIR November 12, 2021 0 Comments

Cricketers love grass

“This photo was taken at ‘The Creek’ when we were the A Reserve (2nd Grade) Premiers, 1983/84.” recalls Ian Johnson. “It’s a great memory. My cousins Robert junior and Andrew and I all played cricket and soccer for Greenwich for years.
Before the oval was named after my uncle, Bob Campbell, we always called it ‘The Creek’. It’s a very special place for me and my family. There’s something about the ground, the rock face, viaduct, and how it narrows. We played many games of football in the mud, but mainly cricket. It’s not a big ground for seniors, and we lost many a ball in the creek and the bush, especially when Uncle Bob was bowling, although I also took many dismissals off him.
My uncle Bob devoted his life to that ground and the club.”
This photo was taken two years ago from the top of the cliff face, Rydalmere v Central with a Greenwich player on each side, myself and Phil Szabo. We nearly lost the photographer!
As well as soccer, I’ve played cricket at Bob Campbell Oval for 30 plus years and played there with my new team last year, probably for the last time. If the synthetic goes ahead it will be too small for senior cricket.
My family has a strong connection to the Greenwich Sports Club and to this oval. My grandfather (Robert Campbell Senior) started the club and my grandmother ran the canteen for many years. My grandfather, grandmother, Uncle Bob (Campbell) and my mother Anne all have their ashes buried there. I’m sure that Uncle Bob would be turning in his grave with all this debate. He would want to see it improved, but with natural grass so that senior cricket could still be played there. The synthetic will get too hot in summer as well.”

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