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BCOIR January 22, 2022 0 Comments

Long distance visitor

The Bar-Tailed Godwit has the aerodynamic build of a jet fighter, with long pointed wings and a sleek streamlined design allowing them to fly at speeds of up to 88km/h.
As a migratory wader, it comes to Australia in the summer before returning to its breeding grounds in the Arctic. Travelling over the Pacific Ocean, it has the largest non-stop flight of any bird – a staggering 11,000+ km journey.
It’s most frequently recorded along major coastal river estuaries and is an infrequent (but not unknown) visitor to Gore Creek. So if you are lucky enough to spot one, please record it via Birdline NSW and/or
Like many other migratory birds, its numbers are in decline, due in large part to the on-going loss of intertidal mudflat habitat at key migration staging sites along its flight path.
Conservation status: Vulnerable
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