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BCOIR December 3, 2021 0 Comments

Looking for love, day and night

Next time you’re down at the Oval, listen out for the sound of the Common Froglet chatting away, trying to attract a mate. They sound a bit like crickets, except at a lower pitch.
Unlike many frogs which only call when the weather is warm or hot, Common Froglets need no specific season or reason. They will call away during the day or night, and all year round.
They’re quite small (1.8 to 3 cm long) so not easy to spot, but you might be lucky and see one among the plants at the edge of Gore Creek.
While they are small and usually unseen, the frogs at BCO are an important part of the food chain, and a kind of environmental glue that keeps ecosystems functioning. Healthy frog populations are usually a good indication of a healthy environment.
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