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What does a Plastic Pitch Mean?

The proposed plastic pitch will restrict space for community engagement and outdoor recreation, restricting areas for dog walking, casual exercise and recreation and community events such as the Greenwich Games.


A synthetic turf surface is made from plastic turf blades and rubber granule filling material and therefore lacks the regenerative, self-cleansing ability of natural turf. There are many consequences including:

      The need for complete replacement every 8-10 years

      The regular need for disinfection from animal fluids and faeces

      The creation of a wildlife desert, void of insect and animal life

      A heat island phenomenon

      Pollution of the adjacent ecologically important ecosystems with microplastics

      Comparatively higher carbon footprint

      Large contribution to landfill following the end of its useful life


The replacement of Bob Campbell’s natural turf oval with a plastic turf surface will irreversibly degrade the intrinsic and ecological value of the Gore Creek Reserve ecosystem.


The Lane Cove Council’s Draft Masterplan can be viewed here: Click Here

Meet the Scientist

Soil Expert Dr Mick Battam explains why 4G synthetic turf will be hot in summer at BCO

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A warning

Even new 4G synthetic surfaces release micoplastics into the environment.

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Flooding risk

Our Mangroves are at risk from synthetic water run-off, says Soil Expert Dr Mick Battam 

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What happens to old plastic turf?

A Dutch documentary has exposed the myth of synthetic turf recycling.

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