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A Dutch documentary has exposed the myth of synthetic turf recycling
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A careful analysis of studies that the synthetic turf industry uses to justify safety claims.
Published by Environment & Human Health. 2017
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Natural turf areas support a rich level of soil biodiversity, with soil invertebrates able to gain
nutrients and water from the fertile topsoil.
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Dr Mick Battam, Soil Scientist and Sports Turf Specialist, looks at improving soil
conditioning and environmental factors to achieve better results for sporting fields.
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Daniel Mussion, president of the Mosman Swans JFC, argues that well built sporting
fields drain rapidly and are the best option for players: stable surface, fewer injuries,
promote skills development.
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Dr Mick Battam, Soil Scientist and Sports Turf Specialist, reveals that layering turf on
top of turf at BCO in the past impedes roots and water flow, resulting in poor drainage.
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commissioned by the Government of Western Australia.
Image shows sun glare arising from a recently installed synthetic turf soccer pitch in Melton, VIC

Fake grass may be greener, but much hotter and less friendly to the environment
writes Julie Power in the Sydney Morning Herald, 14 March 2021.
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When birds weave non-biodegradable materials into their nests, it increases the risk of entanglement,
amputation and even accumulation of plastics in the gut of nestlings.
How human trash in Australian bird nests changed over 195 years

Paul Hetherington of Buglife says ‘Artificial turf is far from an eco-friendly alternative to natural grass.
It provides food for absolutely no living creatures.’
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Lane Cove Council – Bob Campbell Oval

Lane Cove Council – Recent actions regarding Bob Campbell Oval

Overview of the environmental and social impacts of a synthetic turf surface